Style Pehno is the most distinctive clothing store which can be found around the town. We wholeheartedly deem to progress with respect to our customer’s utility and affordabilty, due to which we are holding the name of our Store sincerely and proudly. Style Pehno always lean unto the beneficial aspect for our customer’s interests, strongly concern about the well-being of our citizens, especially after the pandemic of Covid-19, heightened more. Our standards are very much based on ethics and positive recreations, enabling us to take certain measures regarding the Covid-19 pandemic which include following of the standard SOP procedures and the wholesome sterilization of our store along with our stocked merchandises yet we still endorse and encourage it to every fellow.

Style Pehno have certain bounds to secure our accustomed prominence alongside with our firm subjection to the moral integrity, please read them thoroughly to minimize any potential abjection:

1. Style Pehno is a physical clothing store with an online shopping facility, please make sure to be certain before buying any of the clothes or watches from our store or online from our website to evade from embarrassed complications. We do have a return and an exchange policy for our customers, but, of course, with some definite conditions.

=> Clothes should not have to be torn or damaged in any sort whether distortion in fabrics or textures likewise with the watches.

=> We accept to exchange and return clothes which went on a single wash but not further than that.

=> Back label should be intact.

=> Clothes and watches should have to be legitimately been bought from Style Pehno’s clothing store or online website. A receipt or an invoice may be asked for the verification.

=>Online deliveries of ours are not subjected to exchange or return, however, if the costumer takes the responsibility to return the merchandise, considering this we may consider to comply on it.

2. Style Pehno is unto customer’s ease but will not take any responsibility of whichever thievery or missing stuff from inside otherwise within the surroundings of our store.